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Highlights and new selections

Switzerland, Zürich
● Zürich

Chile, Aysen
● Baker

Uruguay, Maldonado
● Isla de Lobos

Chile, Reg. Atacama
● Cactus Pan Azúcar

EEUU, Florida
● Florida Everglades

Chile, Magallanes
● Sunsets at T. Fuego

Chile, Reg. Metrop.
● Santiago and the snow

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Nature and Adventure Photography
Chile & other Countries is an image bank agency offering a wide variety of nature, landscape, flora, fauna, and adventure pictures. Many possible clients, such as agencies, designers and creative directors, and companies may license these images to complement their graphic projects.

We're working since 1999, taking part in different projects related to advertising, editorial, always offering high technical quality images, interesting subjects, and outstanding compositions.

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Photography Stock

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Technical aspects of our pictures.
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Dedales de Oro, Reg. Metropolitana - R. Sandoval

Río Baker, Región de Aysén, Chile - R. Sandoval

Estero Yerba Loca, Reg. Metropolitana, Chile - R. Sandoval

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